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Restaurant Marketing to Put More Butts in Seats & Drive Sales

Restaurant Marketing Association

Since our founding in 2009, the Independent Restaurant Marketing Association has been helping independent restaurants and small to medium-sized restaurant chains across the country increase sales, lower costs, and maximize their marketing dollars in a digital age.

Restaurateurs trust and work with us because we provide sound recommendations in a straightforward, hype-free fashion at a reasonable cost, with no drama.

Savvy Restaurateurs know well that operating a restaurant effectively is all about systems. We believe that marketing a restaurant is no different, using marketing systems.

And it certainly does not need to cost a fortune to work.

We are a small but highly skilled and efficient team of experts dedicated exclusively to marketing the restaurant and hospitality industry.

You get our very best all the time, and I guarantee you won't find a more responsive, knowledgable, easier to work with group of restaurant marketing pros.

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Better visibility online = more butts in seats.
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Request a brochure or call 866.976.4406 right now to see if our membership is a good fit for your restaurant.

Scott McCutchen, Executive Director

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