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Since our founding in 2009, the marketing programs provided by the Independent Restaurant Marketing Association have helped literally hundreds of locally owned and operated restaurants lower their costs, drive more sales, and compete more effectively in today's increasingly challenging business environment.

We started with just a dozen restaurants in suburban Philadelphia PA. Today we represent restaurants in over a dozen states across the country, and we're adding more every day.

This is *not* a political lobbying group like the National Restaurant Association. We are a marketing-centric organization interested only in helping you lower costs and grow sales.

Restaurateurs trust and work with us because we provide sound recommendations and programs in a straightforward, hype-free fashion at a reasonable cost, with no drama.

We use our experience with other Restaurateurs all over the country to provide you with affordable, best bang for your buck marketing solutions for your restaurant.

If you're a local Restaurant Operator, don't go it alone. We can help you.

You can get involved directly or through an exclusive affinity partner program with your local Chamber of Commerce, tourism bureau, or business association.

Contact us right now to learn more.

Scott McCutchen, Executive Director

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